SEO is Harder Than Ever!
And This Is Good News for You!

seo-checklistWhile Google keeps updating and changing their ranking algorithm, we have cracked the code. We have done years of research and testing and we know what Google likes. So as other SEO companies struggle to keep up, the inevitably get picked off, leaving a huge opportunity for strong SEO companies to come in and grab those rankings.

Almost all SEO companies come in telling you that “SEO is a long-term play” and that it will take 3-6 months (if not longer) to see any results.

We run our SEO services on a month by month basis. If you don’t see results EACH MONTH – fire us, because we are not doing our job.

SEO Takes up to 6 Months – NOT TRUE

Doing SEO the right way can deliver you more leads than you have ever had before, but if you hire the wrong company or try to cut corners, you can get your website blacklisted from Google forever. Scary!

Why Us?
Google is making it harder than ever to organically get your website to the top. You used to be able to drive a few links to your website and voila! Not the case anymore. They now look at hundreds of different factors including link building, on-page metrics, social signals, etc.

With so many companies practicing antiquated SEO tactics, they will eventually get knocked off the first page. When you work with an SEO company who does it right, you are positioning yourself to intercept all of their traffic!

How Fast Should I see Results?


Increased Traffic after 1st month


Increased Traffic after 2nd month

“They helped us buy a domain, build a new website, and we were ranked #1 for over 100 terms within 4 months in a highly competitive niche. It changed our business.”
Defense Lawyer, Dallas TX
“After working with several different SEO companies who were not able to produce we were skeptical that a company could get us where we wanted. Until we met the guys at PPC Management Austin!”
Steve R, Austin TX
“I refer them on a daily basis. Having a good SEO guy is like having a good mechanic”
Julia, Austin TX

Is “SEO” The Key?

1 Google users click on the Top 3 listings 90% of the time. Owning one of these positions will change your business.

2 Google searchers are active buyers. They are looking for a service/product, and they are ready to buy.

3 Your website should be one of your marketing cornerstones. You need to give it the attention and resources it deserves.


Tracking SEO
We have mandatory monthly meetings to discuss the progress of the campaign. It’s important to us to educate you on what we are doing to build your rankings, but it is also essential to hear feedback from our clients. One reason our SEO campaigns are so successful is because it is a collaborative effort.

Is SEO Right For You?

Before looking into any type of Campaign, you must first create a baseline report. We have to see where you are currently before we make a recommendation on where you need to go from here. Request a Free Website Audit and one of our specialists will get back with you with a baseline report.

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