RemarketingWhen A Customer Leaves Your Website, Did You Lose that Opportunity?
How Many Potential Leads Of Yours are Bouncing?

Think about your own buying cycle. Do you usually buy something the first time you visit a website? In most situations this is not the case.

Let’s say you get 2,000 visitors to your website per month. But only 3% of them buy something or contact you the first time. What about those other 97%? Remarketing gives you the opportunity to get back in front of those customers!

The conclusion is that the 97% of visitors that left your website are not bad leads, it just takes them more time to make a decision. Remarketing gives you the luxury of staying in front of your leads throughout their buying cycle..

Your Website Visitors
Who Are They?

Short Attention Span
Not every person that comes to your site are 100% focused at the task at hand. People get distracted and can easily close your site and forget about you.

Tire Kickers
Maybe they are curious about what you have, but they are not ready to pull the trigger yet. Window shopping happens on the internet too!

Not Ready To Buy
Different people have different buying tendencies and are not ready to buy the first time, especially when your buying cycle is much longer.

Many times consumers like to visit multiple sites before making a decision. You could easily be forgotten!


“We have proven that our remarketing ads were able to help us re-capture a sale after a prospective client left our site. It is amazing technology!”
Stacy, Portable Generator Company

How is Remarketing Done?

When a new visitor lands on your site, our technology places a ‘cookie’ on their computer, which indicates to the search engines that they have been to your website. We then use that tracking cookie to follow visitors as they navigate through the web. When they land on a page that offers advertising, we buy that ad inventory allowing us to place your ad in front of them.

The “WOW” Factor

Not only does your remarketing ad get you back in front of prospective buyers, it gives them the “wow” factor. They were just on your website, and now they are seeing your ads around the internet. This allow us to give the ‘theater of the mind’ effect to consumers. You may only be a mom and pop shop, but customers think you are larger than life with all of these ads around the internet!

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