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Stop Wasting Your Adwords Budget!Google Loves It When You Fail!

Running an adwords campaign is essential for the marketing mix of any business these days. There is no getting around it. Running an SEO campaign is recommended, however failing to maintain a Pay Per Click strategy is shortsighted.

  • SEO will continue to change on a month by month basis. What is working today could get you blacklisted tomorrow.
  • There are over 20 different clicks available to a user on the Google results page. A smart business tries to attain as much real estate as possible to ensure they get the click. Pay Per Click advertising keeps steady business coming your way regardless of what changes Google makes to their algorithm.

Keep Your Margins

Outsourcing to the “Big Box”
Companies wastes
50% of your budget!
In-House vs. Big Box

Have you tried Google Adwords yourself either given up, or worse yet decided to outsource it to one of the big box companies? Agreed, adwords is not the easiest thing to stay on top of, especially for a business owner who needs to manage about 10 other aspects of your business.

Google Adwords is extraordinarily difficult. To be successful and cost effective at the same time, you simply need to be an expert. Truth is, adwords requires daily monitoring. Most business owners don’t have the time or expertise required to be successful.

Hold On, Adwords Can Change Your Business!

Whether you need to drive new internet leads for a new business, or ramping up leads for an established business, pay-per-click advertising is a turn-key way of presenting yourself in front of qualified, interested search traffic. Translated – people looking for your services.

We build, design, and launch your PPC campaign. We look at google trends, explore keyword research, and compile a keyword list to review with our clients.

After agreeing on the baseline keyword list we start the campaign. After about 14 days we are able to identify your business’s most profitable keywords. We identify and eliminate the keywords that are not preforming, and after time we conclude on a list of keywords that convert best for your business.

1 Drive new customers – deliver them to your site more efficiently than any other marketing options available.

2 Deliver market research that is valuable to your internet marketing strategy.

3 Help identify best conversion rates between desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

4 Consistently increase your chances of showing your website on Page One of the Google Search Results.

Adwords + SEO = Powerful Combination

Running a PPC with google is something that most businesses utilize, however most fail to utilize the data that you can pull from these campaigns. By looking through and analyzing your reports, we are able to extract keyword information about your website, but more importantly they way people are searching for your business. We help you analyze this keyword information and build it into your SEO campaign.

Why We Are Different

Adwords needs to be a key staple of your internet marketing plan, however it doesn’t stop there. SEO, Email Marketing, and Remarketing campaigns will all play in harmony.

We’ll help you design a relevant keyword rich, converting landing page that has a high quality score. This will both reduce the price you pay per click and help customers find what they are looking for. This is the backbone for any effective PPC campaign.

On-going maintenance and monitoring over the first 3 months is key. We make adjustments every week to ensure that we are getting the best bang for your buck. We have campaign specialists that do this for hours a day. We call them our “scientists” and they are a huge asset to our team. They are constantly tweaking keywords, bid adjustments, and text ads. The result – a well oiled machine!

“We went to PPC Management Austin to initiate a PPC campaign to launch our new website. Since then we have transitioned into an SEO program and continue to see growth month after months”
Industrial Hoses & Ball Bearings Manufacturer, Austin, TX

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Did You Know? Sponsored ads get only about 10% of the clicks from the 1st page of Google. The other 90% are from the organic section of a Google Results Page. Check out our SEO service to find out how you can increase your organic rankings.

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