Conversion & Optimization

No sense in running PPC or SEO if you are not converting

Most businesses break their wallet to get more traffic. But they fail to realize that if they are only converting 5% of their traffic currently, why drive more traffic to a website that is not converting. A better solution would be to analyze your website metrics, and optimize to try to increase your conversion rate to 10%.

Metrics of Split Testing?

Our PPC campaigns allow us to deliver customers to different landing pages. For instance maybe we are working with a Maid Service business on their residential cleaning page. We will create 3 different layouts of their page. One might have a bigger phone number, the other might have a bigger form submit button. We are able to show each page to 33% of your audience over the course of 14 days. Then we analyze our results to figure out which landing page is converting best.

Split Testing – Exciting?


increase in net profits


increase in lead generation

You Tell Us!

“We were running both PPC & SEO, but we were not continually using our analytics information to tweak our campaigns. We were able to cut our PPC budget by 15% while still increasing the number of clicks per month”
Mortgage Company, Austin TX

Which Is Right For You? PPC vs. SEO

Before looking into any type of Campaign, you must first create a baseline report. We have to see where you are currently before we make a recommendation on where you need to go from here. Request a Free Website Audit and one of our specialists will get back with you with a baseline report.

PPC Campaign

For new websites, or competitive business niches. We utilize PPC for the keywords that you are not showing up for organically.

SEO Campaign

Many businesses see the value of running both a pay-per-click campaign as well as SEO. When someone is doing a search on Google for the service that you provide, that customer is extremely valuable so you want to own as much real estate on the 1st page as possible. Increasing your organic rankings will help your click-through rate and help you get that new customer!

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