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Starting a website or launching a product can be difficult. It takes both time and money, as well as some hard work. Once the website has been paid for and launches, it may be flat lined in traffic. A person can have a great site with tons of info and amazing products, but it no one sees the site all of the hard work and investment money was for nothing. One way to get a site and products in front of potential customers is through a ppc, or pay per click, method called adwords.

There is adwords tools which can help a person or company figure out which words would be the best to invest in. A great method is to search for words and phrases directly related to the product or website that have high searches but low results. This means that lots of people type in that word or phrase into a search engine like Google, but there just aren’t as many results for the search engine to pull up. This can include words that are slightly misspelled and phrases that other advertisers have not purchased.

Adwords Traffic Estimator

An adwords traffic estimator is the tool that will estimate how many people will see a link or ad based on a specific search term. This tool can give a person an idea about what kind of budget is needed for the project, and how many “impressions” the keyword will get. An impression simply means when a person sees the ad. For example, ten people may end up on a page with the ad and not click. They saw the ad so it is called an impression. If they click the link or make a purchase through the link, it becomes a sale or a lead.

While some people may have a large budget for this, other people just starting out may have blown most of their budget on getting the project or website ready to launch. Thankfully there are adwords coupon codes out there that can save a person money when they purchase adwords. Adwords coupons can be for a certain dollar amount, such as a free $75 credit, or for an amount of a specific purchase, like $75 off $100. These are usually available to first time adword purchasers, and sometimes to people who have previously purchased this type of advertisement. An adwords promo code is the same as a coupon code, and will save the buyer money. Most of these codes are only good for a certain time frame though, and stipulations and rules may apply.

These keywords are purchased on an auction format, where many people can bid on the same keyword. The person who bids the highest will win. Again it is important to only purchase keywords that are directly related to your site or product because you want relevant traffic. You do not want random people seeing the links and ads, but the people who would most likely be interested in purchasing the product or visiting the site for more info.

“When All Else Fails, Adwords Is Always There For Us”
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Is PPC Right For You?

Before looking into any type of pay per click campaign, you must take a look at the websites you will be competeting against. We can not make a recommendation on where you need to go without looking at the competition. Request a Free Website Audit and one of our specialists will get back with you with a baseline report.

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