Should You Be Using Pay Per Click?

Why Pay Per Click?

SEO is not the king of web traffic anymore and a business who simply relies on SEO is losing big time to competitors who’ve taken a more dynamic approach to online marketing. But it’s not enough to just blog, be visible on Facebook and other social media sites, or engage in email marketing.

For a more potent marketing campaign, you’ve got to include Google AdWords in your arsenal.

But isn’t spending for AdWords a burdensome addition to your marketing expense?

No, it won’t and here are the reasons why AdWords is all worth your money:

1. Expansive audience reach

Google is the king of search.

And the competition isn’t even close. Google’s share of global search amounts to 65.2%, which is way too far from Yahoo’s 4.9% and Bing’s 2.5%. So it’s not surprising that Google offers the best opportunities for businesses who want to be seen online.

And if you add in AdWords into the mix, you’ll get the most expansive reach you’ll have for your business. With AdWords you won’t only be seen on Google Search, but you’ll also be visible on other big search engines like YouTube.

2. Quickest way to get on top of Google Search

It’s a no brainer: every business wants to get their website on top of Google’s search results. While SEO can take you up there, you’ll have to wait months for the result. And you may even need to wait longer (and spend more) whenever Google introduces changes on their algorithm.

But can you have the patience to wait for such a long time if you have a campaign that needs to be seen by your target audience the soonest possible time?

That’s where AdWords come into the picture. AdWords is by far the fastest way to get on top of Google. If you’re willing to pay higher bids, you can be sure your ads will be seen on top of Google’s page 1. But it’s a guarantee that the money you’ll spend will not be in vain as ads on the top page has a click-through-rate higher than 7%.

3. Reach out to your target

So, AdWords will lead you to a large audience in the fastest possible time. But TV and radio will also allow you to reach massive audience in an instant, so what’s the difference?

Well, with radio and TV you’re not exactly sure if you will be reaching out to a good amount of people that really want to know about your offer. Most of the time, your ad will just be considered a nuisance that interrupts people’s time.

It’s different with AdWords as it will allow you to get to the right people.

You see, people who use Google do so with a single purpose in mind: to find what they want. So if your AdWords advertisement is crafted in a way that it represents your business as the total solution for the searcher’s problems, then you’ll get highly motivated prospects flocking into your site.

4. Efficient and effective use of ad budget

Advertising can be expensive—if you don’t know how to efficiently use it.

Traditional advertising, however, may not be the most cost-effective means to carry out your message to the right people.

Sure, your ad can be seen by thousands if you post it on a local newspaper, but how many of them can notice your ad when it has been likely sandwiched among other ads in a crowded page?

Thousands listen to the radio, but they usually do while they’re cooking or doing something else. Are you sure your ad of several seconds will be heard by your audience when their mind-set is to tune in to the news or listen to music?

TV, with all the noise and colorful images, can help your ad be noticed by the right type of people you want to reach. But the thing is you’ll have to spend plenty of money for TV ad, which can go up to a couple of thousands for a 30-second spot in prime time.

With Google AdWords, though, you have the option to set up a cost per click (CPC) bidding where you will only get charged by Google every time your ad gets clicked. And because people go to Google to search for a specific solution, you can be sure that most people who’ll click on your ad are those who are looking for your offer.

Because of its efficiency, AdWords is by far the cheapest advertising media. For only $7, you may be able to reach 1,000 people with AdWords. To reach that number of audience using newspaper, you need to spend $32.

5. AdWords are all over search results pages

Advertising accounts for 95% of the total income of Google. So it’s no wonder why Google places AdWords advertisements all over its search page results. In fact, 80% of search results on Google have AdWords advertisement placements.

Not convinced? You can check this out for yourself. Just key in a popular word and a couple of AdWords ad dotting the top page of the search result will greet you.

6. You’re in charge of your ad

If you run your ad on TV or radio, chances are you’ll feel limited when it comes to running your campaign. For instance, you may feel that the high cost of prime time limits the way you want to run your ad.

It’s a different story with AdWords. Not only will you have absolute control over the day or time you want your ad to run, but you will have flexibility on other options as well. In fact, AdWords is by far the most controllable and flexible advertising platform. Here are a few advertising essentials that you can control with AdWords:

  • Budget for each month (there are no minimum required)
  • Budget for each ad clicked
  • Keywords where your advertisement will appear
  • Places where you want your advertisements to appear
  • Your advertisement’s messaging
  • The specific page on your site where your ads will be leading to
  • Dictate the time or day for your ad run and when you want to turn it off
  • Knowing whether or not your ad is reaching people via YouTube, Display, Search or Remarketing
  • The power to run either video, image or text ads or combinations of the three
  • Bidding for top spot, ROI, or conversions


7. Reach out to the right area

AdWords will be a great way for you to reach out prospective clients.

AdWords allow businesses to set geographical areas for their ad campaign runs. If you turn this feature on, your ad will only be seen by searchers in your area.

8. Keep track of your ad’s progress

The problem with TV, radio, and other traditional advertising is that you can hardly know how effective your campaign is. You don’t have an idea how many people are getting your message. You don’t know which of your ads are working well. And you don’t really know if all of your ad campaigns are worth keeping.

With AdWords, though, you are empowered with tools that will help you see essential data on every campaign that you run. Here are some of the stuff that you can see on your AdWords account:

  • Total Clicks
  • Cost for each click
  • Impressions
  • Impression Share
  • Conversions
  • Cost/Conversion
  • How each of your ads is performing
  • How each keyword is performing
  • Search term that searchers typed prior to clicking your ad
  • Average ad position

If you use Google Analytics, you’ll be able to get hold of even more essential data that will let you know how your campaign is working. And that’s just an invaluable thing because if you can see the information above, you’ll be able to do a couple of important things:

  • First, it will push you towards holding your marketing liable;
  • Second, it will allow you to be more aware of how much you are spending as well as how much you are reaping;
  • Third, it will propel you to ponder how you can improve your business’s conversion funnel.

9. It’s an extra tool for marketing research

The great thing with AdWords is that it isn’t just for advertising and delivering traffic as well as leads into your site. It also boasts of features that will help you research on your marketing campaigns.

For one, AdWords have features that can be of great help when you are doing research on keywords. Knowing what words your target audience are keying in Google is important. Most people think that Google Analytics is the best keyword research tool, but most of the important stuff are not being shown on Analytics anymore.

So, how do you go about your keyword research?

Try using the Search Query Report feature on AdWords so that you can know what keywords searchers are keying in when they are looking for your business. Search Query Report will also show the frequency that a particular keyword has been typed in a day or in a month.

Finally, AdWords can also be used to test offers. You can run offers with different keywords for several days and then compare the results so that you pick the one that is performing well.

10. Small businesses can compete

The biggest company with the highest bid doesn’t always wins in AdWords.

Even if you’re a small local business, your ads may appear in the first page along with the big boys.

That’s because Google employs an algorithm called Quality Score to equalize the field.

You can tweak and refine your ads so that they can be the most relevant in your targeted keywords so that you can score high on Google’s Quality Score. If you do that, you can pay lower than competitors but still get higher ranks. Optimizing your conversion funnel is also a proven strategy to get more out of those ad clicks than your competitors.

A Final Note: AdWords is not Totally Perfect

Yes, that is right. After all, everything has its downside.

AdWords is a bit complex. The terms and conditions Google imposes on you may be annoying and may even cause you some problems on some of your campaigns. Their support is not always the gold standard customer service you’re expecting from a top company.

But the potentials AdWords offer is worth the try. And if you haven’t tried it, why not give it a shot? It’s so affordable that you won’t risk anything. And who knows, maybe it’s the ad medium that will drive in profit to your business.


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