Introduction and Explanation To PPC

What Is PPC?

Pay Per Click is a Marketing Strategy

One thing is certain, There are a lot of people who want to make money from home. Whether it be a full time job from home, or a business they are operating from home or even a passive income people are interested in anything that will make them extra cash online on their personal computer or from their home period. There are many ways to do this

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However, a great way to make a passive income with not a whole lot of work and time involved is pay per click marketing also referred to a lot as ppc. What is ppc and ppc advertising? Pay per click is a marketing strategy used by a lot of people and is basically affiliate marketing. It is used to drive traffic to websites where people will then sign up for newsletters, Buy ebooks, or purchase a product. People are drove to the websites offering the products available for purchase normally via an advertisement or adwords. People see these sites all the time and sometimes do not even notice them. They are normally blog posts or website pages where there is informative articles on a particular subject and on the same page words of the written content will be highlighted a different color and click able or there will be advertisement along the content that is normally related to the written content. People then click those links or advertisement and are directed to another web page where there is more information, Products, Ebooks or whatever else the written content was about.

For instance, Lets say you were reading a womens blog on mascara it is a great article and she has a lot of knowledge of this product and it has a great review. You will most likely find a link or advertisement somewhere in the content directing you to that mascara and you then have the option to find out more about it and if you wanted purchase it. Upon you purchasing the product the lady who wrote the great article in which you clicked the link and were directed to the product will receive a small royalty for her content driving you (the traffic) to their website and products What is Adwords? Simply put adwords is Googles advertising tool. If you have a website or a blog you can sign up with adwords and utilize it for marketing you website. It is a completely customizable experiences with customization features like ad placement and appearance. You can also set a budget for the advertisements on google to drive traffic to your own website and content. This does cost a small amount of money but will pay off in the end with all the traffic your website gets from interested consumers. Most people see these ads daily if they are a Google user. When you open Google and use keywords to search something like “ppc marketing” it will show you a huge list of results normally with advertisements on the top of the results and on the side panels.

“SEO is a roller coaster ride. PPC is steady and reliable.”
Welding & Steel Distributer, Georgetown, TX

Is PPC Right For You?

Before looking into any type of pay per click campaign, you must take a look at the websites you will be competeting against. We can not make a recommendation on where you need to go without looking at the competition. Request a Free Website Audit and one of our specialists will get back with you with a baseline report.

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