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Many people who work with websites, blogging, and internet marketing are aware of the great benefits that come along with ppc marketing. PPC simply stands for pay per click, and is a way for people to spread the word about their products and services on a broader spectrum. This is a method that keeps track of every click, with the goal of gaining traffic to your site or product.

How does PPC work? Bloggers and website owners will post a link on their websites or in their newsletters. If one of their customers click the link, or purchases through the link, they will get a credit for sending traffic to the site or product. Some bloggers will accept a few pennies for each click, but larger products or more expensive products may require paying the blogger a few dollars per sale. The amount a blogger receives for the click is equivalent to how expensive the product is and how much work is required for the buyer or customer.

This process is also known as ppc advertising. Advertisers are the people who own the product or site. Publishers are the people who publish the link or button on their sites for their customers to see. The advertiser and the publisher work together, with the advertiser gaining more customers from the publisher, and the publisher making a little money from the clicks.

The Holy Grail – Google Adwords

Another method that boost traffic to sites and products is with adwords. A person can purchase adword credits that show up in search engine results. The adwords are common words and phrases that directly relate to the product or website. When a person searches through a search engine site like Google or Bing, relevant results are displayed along with ads. By purchasing adwords, your product or website will show in the paid ads section. Normally a company will purchase these in the form of an auction for the keywords. This also gets your products, sites, and links in front of a lot of people on a daily basis. Google AdWords is the most popular program at this time. Many people like this method because your links can go up fast with Google and you can see results right away.

For those new to the online word of SEO and ppc marketing, it can be confusing. This is where a professional company with experience can come in handy. They can set up the links and connect bloggers and publishers with your products and pay per click links. Many people just do not know where to begin with this, and they in no way know how to code links to work correctly. Make it easy and hire someone to do this for you. Your only job should be approving campaigns and funding the project. Remember that while it does take a bit of money out of pocket at the beginning, the clicks with ppc marketing end up paying for themselves many times over in the form of relevant traffic, new customers, leads, and completed sales.

“PPC has been extrememgly instrumental in the steady growth of our business.”
RV Park, Central TX

Is PPC Right For You?

Before looking into any type of pay per click campaign, you must take a look at the websites you will be competeting against. We can not make a recommendation on where you need to go without looking at the competition. Request a Free Website Audit and one of our specialists will get back with you with a baseline report.

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