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Live Chat is a dream come true. We provide your website a live support representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You only pay for qualified leads!

Local Leads Live Chat service gives you the opportunity to receive and respond to chat inquiries from customers through a simple drop down button which is installed on your website. Within a few seconds of landing on your site, a user will see an invitation to chat with a live representative. If a customer engages the chat, one of our agents starts the interaction with your new potential customer.

If our agents can successfully determine that the person on the other end is a potential lead, we get the users contact information and send it right to you. If the person who engaged the chat feature is A) not a potential lead or B) is already a current customer you don’t pay.

Local Leads Live Chat will help you capture more leads from your site.

Benefits of adding Live Chat to you website:

  • You will engage customers who choose not to pick up the phone to call you. Maybe they are at work. Maybe they like to start the conversation a little more private.
  • You are initiating proactive, real-time communication with online customers
  • You will provide immediate assistance for website visitors without waiting
  • You have the option for 24/7 support. Get leads while you sleep!
  • You will increasing your website leads from online advertising by an average of 30%

How Local Leads Live Chat works:

  • We install a Live Chat button on your website
  • Once a new customer initiates a chat, one of our agents will use your specific welcom script to gather information about the customer. (Name, phone number, reason for call, etc.)
  • If our agent has determined that your new customer is a potential lead, they give the customer the option for a representative to call them immediately.
  • Otherwise, you’ll receive an immediate email with all of the essential lead information and someone from your staff can follow up with them when convenient.
  • We will monitor your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We will provide you with monthly lead reports, and best of all – you only pay for the leads you receive.


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